Gift of Nature -- The Most Healing Musical Instrument

handpan and healing music

In modern society, everyone lives under heavy pressure. We have to face all kinds of troubles every day, and sometimes it is hard to handle our life. For me, only by listening to this healing music can I relax my mood a bit and clear all my worries.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing -- Heal the body and mind physically and psychologically

On the one hand, the frequency of sound waves can cause people's physiological reactions. The vibration frequency of sound is a kind of physical energy, and moderate physical energy can cause a harmonious resonance phenomenon in human tissue cells, which can cause resonance in the cranial cavity, thoracic cavity or a certain tissue. This resonance phenomenon caused by sound waves will directly affect the human brain. Radio waves, heart rate, breathing rhythm, etc.

On the other hand, the frequency of sound waves can also cause people's psychological reactions. Harmonious sound waves can improve the excitability of the cerebral cortex, improve people's emotions, stimulate people's feelings, and invigorate people's spirits. At the same time, it helps to eliminate bad mental states such as tension, anxiety, depression, and terror caused by psychological and social factors, and improve stress ability.

As a kind of healing instrument, the handpan can heal our soul and enable us to talk to the true self. Through handpan music, an illusory dream can be created. It acts on the human body through sound, emotion, intent, speed, and wave, giving a sense of peaceful feeling that we are now thinking with closed eyes over the cloud, feel the wind breeze. Also, it plays a role in health care.


In the world of meditation, there is massive room for imagination, as if you are on a journey through time and space: walking in the Amazon tropical jungle, watching the migration of animals in Kenya, basking in the sun at the entrance of the Louvre.

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