Playing Skills of Handpan

handpan playing skills

More and more music elements of different styles appear around. handpan is fun and nice to common people, but it takes time to practice if you want to grasp the essence of handpan playing skills.

The performance of the handpan, similar to the sound of the universe, can bring you an extremely ethereal and pure music experience. Playing with this instrument requires better on-the-spot performance.

The handpan (Hangpan) has as many as 21 velocity layers and contains more than 1000 samples. There are many concave points on the drum surface and convex points directly above. Each point has a pitch that has been tuned. , So there are many different forms of Hangpan, with a cavity on the bottom of the drum. It allows the air to flow when the instrument resonates. The principle is similar to that of a snare drum. It can be played like an Udu effect. The drum sounds are sampled in six different areas: Drum, Ding, OuterDing, Tone-field Centre, Tone-Field And in-between the Tone-field. Each zone is played in several different ways of playing.

Helmholtz resonator principle

Helmholtz resonator principle: The bottom center is called Gu sound. It is designed according to the Helmholtz resonator principle. It can produce a very obvious sound resonance effect when hitting and generate a series of overtones through the fundamental tone of Ding on the top column.

How to play: The handpan is placed cross-legged, tapped with palms, palms or tapped with fingers to make a sound. It can also be placed on a stand. It is different from steel drums (steelpan) with hammers, and the sound is also better than steel drums (steelpan). Gentle and warm. Depending on the player's technique, the sound of the handpan may resemble a harp, a bell, or a tuned steel drum (steelpan). Each "tone field" (tone field) has several overtone resonance areas around the basic sound.

Through the above explanation, we believe you will know something about handpan performance, come and try it!

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